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I began my interest in jewellery at age 17, visiting a Native American named Sonny Spruce in Taos, New Mexico, then went to Art College in Nova Scotia and went on from there.

 I work in all metals, and other materials. Process and the nature of the material inspires me. I also give myself parameters for a piece, structures to work against as I plan a work.

 My work is about drawing, about mark making with material and about the tension between nature and structure. In my cage work I utilize the grid and a tension, a ‘frisson’ between nature and structure. The grid represents humans, culture, rules we choose and construct. I believe in Beauty, and that ‘beauty’ is related to nature (form, surface texture, colour. Allowing the materials to do the work, letting nature show in the work lends it a ‘beauty’ that I cannot easily reach by forcing form onto the material. The marks of process are compositional elements. This is seen in foldforming work. I have used most types of foldforming in my work, with scoring and bending being primary for a number of years.